Posted by Duff

Last weekend, my in-laws came over for dinner, after which they asked if they could take The Dervish home with them, for a sleepover.

Certainly, we said. Enjoy the shiny brass cajones that come along with her glorious, nearly four-year old self.

The Dervish decided she would pack her bag by herself, and as I cleared away the dishes, she did.

This is what she wheeled out to us a few minutes later:

In case you can’t tell, the contents are, in total:

1. One princess dress, petal pink

2. Two patent leather mary janes, black

3. One photo of herself, wearing a borrowed Snow White dress up dress, sitting on my lap.

Aw, we said. She knows she’ll miss her mommy.

Her grandmother helped her repack the bag to include some underwear and pajamas.  That night was uneventful.

But the next day, my child informed me she’d taken the picture  not to remind her of our bond, but because she wanted to look at herself dressed up as Snow White.

Ladies, a lesson from a preschooler: we should all carry a picture of ourselves looking great in a dress.