Posted by AVM

Something hilarious happened today.  HILARIOUS.  To me, anyway.  In my usual harried fashion, I picked up the girls from daycare about 3 minutes before the place closed.  I have the usual stuff I’m lugging – the girls’ bags, lunch boxes, artwork from the day, little flowers that Lovey likes to pick for me in the playground, a squirmy nine-month-old, you name it.  Picture the scene, I’m sure so many of you can relate: I have all the car doors open, Lovey is in the car but not strapped in, I’m stuffing the bags into the back seat and wrangling CeeCee into her carseat, and I hear a little voice yell, “BYE, LOVEY!!!” I look up and there’s another mom, a co-worker of mine, wrangling her THREE children (God bless her! She rocks!) into her minivan about four parking spaces away.  The minivan gates are open, and I see and hear Lovey’s classmate yelling again, “BYE, LOVEY!!”  Lovey looks over and yells back, “BYE, C_____!!”  And then, Lovey’s friend followed up with, “SEE YOU TOMORROW, EYEBALL!”  And Lovey threw her head back and laughed and said, “OK, EYEBALL!  SEE YOU TOMORROW!”

Eyeball?  “Lovey, why did C___ call you  ‘Eyeball’?”  She replied, “Oh, that’s just what we call each other.  She’s just kidding with me.”  Of all the names.  I took a fit of laughter from which I have yet to come down.

About a week or so ago, I was the guest reader for Lovey’s class.  The night before, Lovey chose the book I was to read the following day.  She chose Heedley Pecked Me in the Eye by Wendy Ann Gardner.  This book is an old favorite of Lovey’s, given to me years ago by my sister.  It’s a weird book, but adorable.  Still, I tried to veer Lovey in another direction, as the book is about this crazy chicken (rooster?) that pecked its owner in the eye, and I was afraid of the parents complaining when all of a sudden their child was afraid of chickens for “no reason.”   An excerpt: Heedley wants so greedily to have my eyeball with his tea. But no, it had to be Heedley according to Lovey.  I prefaced the book by asking the teachers to send any and all complaints my way.  And the kids seemed to like it, after all.

Fast forward to today when Lovey and her friend have the pet name “Eyeball” for each other, and I’d say it was worth it.  My best friend and I have a nickname for each other, and it’s weird too, but it’s ours.  And you just had to be there to get it or find it remotely funny.  I am amazed that at three-and-a-half, Lovey and her friends have inside jokes already.  I am constantly amazed at  how socialization evolves between children.  This story was too cute not to share.  And yet, my guess is that you probably don’t find this story as funny or fascinating as I do.  Well, you just had to be there.

PS – Whatever you do, DO NOT Google images of eyeballs.  Yuck.