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I had an Oprah “Aha!” moment last night, and have to share it with you: my main purpose in life is to feed people. My day at home goes something like this:

1. Feed Sweet Pea shortly after midnight, then again before anyone else is awake
2. Make coffee for my husband so he can stay awake at work
3. Try to wrangle a few bites of a healthy breakfast into The Bean before she starts her merry day
4. Feed Sweet Pea again
5. Find something for myself to eat
6. Figure out what’s for dinner, then prep
7. Feed Sweet Pea again
8. Cook dinner, bargain with The Bean to have more veggie bites, manage to eat a few bites myself
9. Pack lunches for The Bean and the husband for the next day
10. Feed Sweet Pea again

Before you wonder why I’m doing all of this myself, this is a job I like. Food is love in many ways to me, and I enjoy preparing meals for my family…I just didn’t realize how much of my day is consumed by it! At least I have some evidence to show to myself that I am busy, even when I’m feeling less than productive. And I have a happy, healthy family to prove it.