Posted by Fitz

Silly me, I forgot about all of the clueless things that people say when you have a new baby. It’s almost like their brains vacate their body, and they feel it is their DUTY to bring up things that are at best inappropriate and at worst, plain rude. I’m compiling this list in the hopes that you’ll add to it so we can circulate it around the world and get one step closer to world peace.

In no particular order, here are some of the things I’ve heard in the aftermath of both The Bean and Sweet Pea’s arrivals:

1. “Oh, another girl! So when will you try for that boy?”

2. “Isn’t that a really popular name? I guess you’ll have to think of a nickname so she’s not one of a million in school.”

3. “Are you breastfeeding?”

4. “How much weight do you have to lose now? It will take a while, right?”

5. “Why did you spell her name that way?”

6. “Won’t those painkillers hurt the baby?”

7. “I don’t care if holding her all day interrupts her night sleep, because I get to go home!”

8. “Are you breastfeeding?” (Yes, it’s on the list twice. For a reason.)

9. “Are you disappointed that you didn’t have a boy this time?”

10. “Girls’ soccer is good too, I guess.”

What gems have you heard? Share them below!