Posted by AVM

There are a few moms I need to give a shout out to because they really rock. I am inspired each day by the effort and passion these ladies put forth. If you haven’t heard of these fabulous moms who are starting revolutions, the time has come for you to be inspired by them too.

Anonymously known as Mrs. Q, this mom and teacher started a “school lunch project” where she decided to eat exactly what the students were eating in the cafeteria every day to raise awareness about what garbage we allow the public school system to feed our children in some districts. Each day she blogs about what she ate, and she is gaining notoriety for it. Her project is going to move mountains, and she rocks because of it. Check out her blog Fed Up With Lunch.

New mom Sherry Petersik and her husband moved from NYC to Virginia, bought a fixer-upper (an understatement) and began blogging about their DIY house renovation step by step. What has evolved is Young House Love, a blog that is a breath of fresh air. Sherry’s style, sass, and great writing has become a brand all its own. Check out the incredible before and after photos, how to design with a very limited budget, and the rest of their story which makes you want to be their next door neighbors and best friends.

In 2003, this corner of the world was shaken hearing about the adopted sons of Vanessa Jackson who were starved and tortured for years while the state’s social services agencies did next to nothing. I have thought about those boys for years as their images were in the news constantly when the story broke, and the visions of those poor emaciated children were impossible to erase. Oprah recently spotlighted the story and updated the world about where these boys were now. Amber Parrish and her husband were the angels who took them in and adopted the boys after their many years of heartache. She gave them a home, real parents, and a place where they know they’re safe, loved, and cared for. Since I saw this, I can’t stop thinking of Amber and the love she showed for these boys, and what it took to rescue them from their nightmare. She is what “mom” means. She is selfless. She is a rock. I want to be her. Read all about the boys’ story here.

Tell us about a mom who inspires you. Spread the love!