Posted by AVM

So much time is spent saying “No” to our children, it’s nice to have a day where you say nothing but “Yes.”  I have a co-worker who took her two children to Disney World and before she left she told me, “I want them to have the best time.  If they want ice cream for breakfast, I’m going to let them have it!”  That always stuck with me  – I just thought that was such a cool thing to do.  I know that in our house it’s a lot of: Please don’t touch the baby.  No, you can’t have cookies before dinner.  No, we can’t go on the swings, it’s bedtime. . .and it’s dark out.  No, you can’t wear a wool sweater today, it’s 89 degrees out there (this was literally last week’s argument).   A lot of that – and I feel bad and guilty that our days go like that sometimes.  I really need to work on that in some way.  But sometimes there really just is no other answer but, “No.”

This weekend we took Lovey and CeeCee to a little local amusement park.  It’s a place I’ve been going since I was a kid.  I’ve been there with my family, as a teenager with friends, in my 20s on dates, with my husband, and now I’m taking my own girls there.  I love this place, even though the paint is a bit chipped and the awnings faded – to me, it still has all the charm it ever did.  When we decided to take the girls, I said to my husband, “I’m just going to say, ‘yes’ all day!”  And so we did.  “Yes” meant that Lovey ate crap all damn day. . .cotton candy, ice cream, a candy necklace, a sugary frozen lemonade, french fries, etc.  We won her prizes, fed quarters into any game she wanted to play, let her get an airbrushed butterfly “tattoo” on her arm, and let her ride the rides as often as she wanted.  It was a great day, and she laughed and squealed all day long.   I know we can’t have days like that too often (plus the sugar will kill all of us), but this weekend, it was just what we all needed.  She can’t wait to go back. . . and neither can I.