Posted by Duff

Lots of people tell me that The Dervish and Atticus look alike, especially if you compare certain points in their infancy: the five month round face, the eight month expression of concentration, just a year and pointing at the camera.

I can see it. They have a lot of similar features – the same blue eyes, the same ears (mine); the same mouth, the same long toes (their father’s). We’re asked ourselves more than once if we were to be blessed to fill a basketball court, would each player have the same fair skin, the same red hair fading to blonde? We won’t be finding out.


I’m starting to think that coupled with these common genetic markers come the same personality traits, and filling a court with those players terrifies me enough to forfeit that game.  When a parent has their first child prone to climbing, that parent is in for some altitude sickness. And since my first child was a climber, I figured the second one would be low-key.


Cut to me, yesterday, underestimating the boy.  I won’t tell you where I found him in the time it took me to do something brief and domestic, but for our purposes here, it was as dangerous as the top of the refrigerator.  Apparently, it takes more than one child to teach these parents how to baby proof against a spelunker.

We didn’t think after having a master tantrum thrower that we’d have a second who could compare.  Cut to this week, when at 13.5 months, Atticus took on The Dervish’s 15 month scream, complete with the wet noodle body limpness of giving up. I know they all do this to some degree, I just didn’t expect my sweet, optimistic bear to turn an out-of-reach roll of toilet paper into the catastrophe of the ages. The scary part?  In the same key, maybe an octave lower.

In the bartering language of toddlerhood, a pot-drum and a wooden spoon are not equal in value to a roll of TP. If anyone is keeping track of these things.

“I don’t think she did that,” my husband says to me once every couple of days.

“Your memory is short,” I tell him. “She was the same way. He just has to grow up faster.”

You’d have to, with The Dervish turning the screws.