Posted by AVM

There have been a few products out there that have made my life a lot easier during my second go-round as a mom.  I had to share them with you in case you’re in the market for life-made-easier products.

1. If you’re like me with an early feeder, you clean the floor a lot.  Everything from bananas to rice to the omnipresent Cheerios are all over the floor after every meal thanks to CeeCee practicing her fine motor skills getting food from the tray into her mouth.  I bought this bib and the shrapnel on the floor decreased by 80%.  Check it out.  The Pelican Bib. It’s a catch-all (plus you can toss it in the dishwasher!)!

2. Having a potty trained 3-year-old is great. . .except when you go on long driving trips.  Tiny bladder + too much to drink + a three-hour drive = frequent stops to bathrooms you should wear a HazMat suit to enter.  Come on, people.  Take some pride in your establishments!  There is no need for the bathrooms to be in such horrendous shape.  Are you with me moms in singing the chorus of, “DON’T TOUCH ANYTHING!” to your sons and daughters when you take them to a public bathroom?  I came across these Potty Toppers that have calmed my anxieties and OCDs a little every time we pull off the highway for Lovey to use a rest stop bathroom.  They have sticky strips to keep the potty topper in place (and they are thick!), they come in all different designs (we have Dora ones), you won’t have to worry about your little one catching some strange disease from the toilet seat, and you just toss them when the deed is done.  They may not be green, but they’re clean, and in this case, that will have to do.

3. While I have been packing bentos for Lovey for about 3 months now, CeeCee has started to need a some food of her own sent to daycare (as opposed to bottles only).  I came across this Nibble Tray and absolutely LOVE it.  It’s great for your diaper bag, to send to daycare, for a picnic or day out, or just to prep food for tomorrow, so all your pre-cutting and planning is done.  The spaces are small enough for early eater portions and the top of the “pineapple” detaches and has gel inside so you can freeze it and keep yogurt and other stuff cold.  This is a must-have. . .and you’ll love the price!

So share with me, moms.  I’m always up for something new to make my life with kids easier.  Share your favorite product with me.  I want it!