Posted by Duff

I’m tired.  Like the kind of tired where I don’t remember going to bed at night, because I’m asleep before I’m finished brushing my teeth. Part of the exhaustion (shared by The Dervish) is because The Dervish no longer naps. The majority of the issue is Atticus The Toddler.

It’s a special kind of tired that germinates within a state of constant alert–a state required to keep a sneaky so-and-so out of harm’s way. Especially when there is no other place he’d rather be than in harm’s way.

My heart pounds a lot.

I spent a lot of time moving large dangerous objects to higher ground before Atticus started crawling. Now that he’s walking and crouching, I spend a good portion of my days plucking from our floors items that would find their way into the dear boy’s mouth: Lint. Tissues. Cat hair. Neverending rogue Cheerios.

I vaccuum and sweep a lot. Multiple times each day.  I nag The Dervish a lot. To the point where she tunes me out, mostly.

It doesn’t matter. Atticus wants to get hurt. Here is synopsis of today:

-Shoved off the couch when trying to hug The Dervish good morning (She’s not a morning person).

-Several face plants amid attempted sprints.

-An injury one would expect from pulling a sleeping cat’s tail. The cat puts up with a lot, if we’re being honest.

-Fingers trapped in the storage part of The Dervish’s bed stool (moved so he can’t climb up onto the bed and fall off, still a hazard)

-Face plants into the crib rail when protesting naptime

-Thigh scrapes from attempting to pull his own legs out of his highchair

-Four head thwacks under the kitchen table in under five minutes

-A two step patio fall onto his eye while I helped a panicking Dervish with something else that was likely less crucial

These are the ones I remember. I’m sure there were more. Sidewalk chalk in the mouth, soapy tub water purposely swallowed, it’s limitless.

I don’t remember The Dervish being so hell-bent on self-destruction, but then again, she never had to share my attention at this stage of the game.

So if I go a few days without posting, you’ll forgive me, right?