Posted by AVM

My littlest girl turns one today.  Tiny CeeCee is growing up.  I know people say time flies – that it moves so fast, you blink and your children are in first grade, high school, married with children of their own.  I know “they” are right, although in the trenches of tantrums and the nightly bath, it seems like it’s moving at a snail’s pace.  It’s only when I look at photos from the last few years or an old video or something that I really notice it.  Usually, that is.

CeeCee turning one has completely knocked me for a loop.  There is NO WAY that it was a whole year ago that she made her dramatic appearance into the world.  It’s a horrible cliche, but it really has gone by in a flash.  CeeCee is an amazing child.  Different from her sister, CeeCee is the calm to Lovey’s frenzy.  She’s got an easy smile, the cutest giggle and is an utter delight.  My daughters are beautiful, each in their own way.  Lovey is lithe and athletic – a mini powerhouse – strong and built for speed.  She doesn’t walk, she runs.  I admire her determination and energy.  She’s a sweetheart, she roots for the underdog, but do it her way, please, and quickly.  CeeCee is soft and delicious – she tastes life.  Lovey cannot be bothered to waste time on a meal, while CeeCee dines. Often taking forty-five minutes to finish a meal, she carefully chooses each morsel of food, inspects it, and really tastes it.  Yes, this one takes after me. I am baffled at the major differences in personality between two children who were born of the same parents.  And I am up for the challenge of helping the best parts of each of the girls brighten. . . and that’s how we as parents will shine (if we get it right).  Yes, it’s CeeCee’s birthday, but it’s a milestone for all of us   – we survived a year as a family of four, and we’re better for it.

This year has brought CeeCee many triumphs – first words, first stitches, and first steps (not in that order) – but none more victorious than the undying love of her parents and sister.  Happy birthday, sweet CeeCee – you make our hearts overflow and our lives complete.  Don’t grow up so fast, ok?  I love you with all of my heart.