Posted by Fitz

This morning, CNN announced that Robert G. Edwards won the Nobel Prize for medicine.   Dr. Edwards is known as the “father of the test tube baby”: he is credited for pioneering in vitro fertilization and delivering the first baby conceived through IVF on July 25, 1978.  He is credited for the birth of over four million babies, although it’s too difficult to measure the sheer happiness that he has brought to at least as many sets of parents.

My husband and I are one of those sets of parents whose lives have been so profoundly impacted by Dr. Edwards.  My two beautiful girls are just a tiny part of his life’s work, but they are a huge part of mine.  So on this special day, I congratulate Dr. Edwards and thank him for having the foresight, the perseverence, and the intelligence to make IVF a possibility for families like ours.  The Nobel Prize is well deserved.