Posted by Duff

As I sit between writing projects (I promise, anyone who is counting on me to be who I say I am, I’m mentally outlining, which is how the 80,000+-word devils burst into tentative life), I have had enough mental energy to miss work. Not my former job, exactly, because we all know that for many people, liking one’s job is considered a luxury and for me, it’s imperative. What I have been missing  is the idea of working outside my home to the point where I thought about working for less than daycare costs.  Essentially, paying to work.

Because I have basic needs:

1. I have to pee. And without someone on my lap, which was never a problem at the office.  Except that one time.

2. I’m hungry and want to eat before I turn into a demon. How I miss the days of being able to close my office door and tear into a bucket of ribs like a drunken frat boy. (Actually, I never did that. But the option was nice).

3. I miss dressing up. There’s a reason why we don’t dress up at home. No dry cleaning is powerful enough to handle what goes on in the inner sanctum pre-kindergarten.

Oh well. There are tradeoffs. Like I get to see my kids at their best time of day, pre-lunch, rather than what continues to be an arcade-like pandemonium post-4pm, even when they haven’t waited all day to see me. And I get to be outside a lot more, which rocked during the spring and summer, but will cause me to suit up like the Stay-Puft Marshmallow Man in about three weeks.

And the books. Have I mentioned the books? The mental energy to read when I have a moment? I have read more books in the last month than I read in the four years I was a working mom. Which tells me that I need to get a job reading books, sweet bliss that it is. I am 321 books behind on my reading list, which can only grow as the days pass.

But seriously, I really, really would like to pee by myself.