Posted by Duff

Disclaimer: all quotes pulled from The Dervish when she was well past the point of overtired:

On Love:

“Well I’m mad, because I’m in love with Daddy. And he’s in love with you.”

(Note to self: sleep with the lights on, lest I have an’ accident’)

On Marriage:

D: “I asked (neighbor boy, aged 5) to marry me three times this week. Once at his birthday, once in his yard, and again today in the driveway. He said no every time.”

Me: “Well, that’s the thing about boys. They don’t really want to talk marriage. Not at 5, and not at 25. Good luck with that.”

On Kindergarten:

Me: “Aren’t you excited to go to kindergarten in September?”

D: “Um. I don’t know. Will they have a full-size firetruck there?”

Me: “I hope not.”