Posted by Duff

Atticus, please desist with the ruination.

You’ll be two years old in two weeks, and you won’t let me forget it, as you grow out of clothes that were once too big, skip shoe sizes and dart from the pediatrician’s check out desk through the waiting room, past reception and back up the stairs of the old Victorian. Ear infection? Schmear infection. You’ve got goals. And one goal in particular: Break it. Break it all, now, completely.

A recent record of your spoils:
The Dervish’s play minivan
Any and all writing implements: pens, markers, crayons, colored pencils
Sheet upon sheet of stickers
Countless bags of goldfish crackers (you’ve got a particular gift for grinding them into powder)
A box of tissues (pluck, rip, tear, shred, leave mommy to clean up and whammo! Something else for the breaking)
One travel pack of pomegranate applesauce (per day)
Any craft The Dervish makes in preschool, same day, often in the car on the way home (cue tears)
Barbie clothes dipped in yogurt, syrup, jelly
Couch cushions and pillows dipped in yogurt, syrup, jelly
Snot. Everywhere. EVERYwhere.
One Cinderella ‘pumpkin into a carriage’
One Princess Tiana (The Frog Princess) arm
The hair of one glorious Princess Jasmine
2 bottles of Elmer’s glue
1 sand shovel
1 Backyard Safari Bug Vaccuum (which, to it’s credit, can be fixed over and over only to be dismantled)

Please keep the destruction to these inanimate, though messy and sometimes costly objects, and spare your wee bones, and with them, my heart.

That is all. Carry on (my wayward son ;). )