Posted by Fitz

CNN posted this scary story about baby slings today…with over 1 million slings being recalled nationwide. Be sure to check this out, and be extra careful if you use a sling regularly.

Onesie Wonderland

Occasionally, life comes full circle. You might remember, almost two years ago, that I posted about my quest to find the perfect sleeveless white onesie for The Bean – and these are fantastic. Love ’em. I never thought I’d stray, but imagine my surprise when I walked into my local Carter’s last weekend to find scads of sleeveless white onesies, all easy to buy with no wait time (and with all of the coupons I had, at a cheaper price point!). I am loving these onesies in advance – I won’t use them till my new baby comes, but the adjustable necks seem like they’ll make the getting dressed process a bit easier. They aren’t as thick and luxurious as the Essential Whites, but I’m perfectly fine with that.

FYI – The link for the Carter’s onesies is for Kohl’s – if you shop there by next Wednesday and use your Kohl’s charge, you can save 15% with the code GRAND15. Only use this if you didn’t get a coupon in the mail for a greater percentage (like my 30%! Woot!).

New Blog Obsession

<I also have to point you in the direction of an awesome new blog created by our very own AVM – she is a master in the kitchen, and has decided to document the beautiful bento box lunches she makes for Lovey. Take a peek at Bento Madness to get some really creative, fun ideas for your own kids’ lunches (we won’t tell if you make yourself one, either). Good luck in this new endeavor, AVM!