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Next week will mark the one year anniversary of my becoming a mostly stay-at-home mom.

Here are some of my takeaways:

I thought I would be more organized when I had more time to be organized.  I was wrong.

Kids need to leave the house every day or will punchfight. At least, this is true for my kids.

Oatmeal is like a fungal infection. If not addressed immediately and completely, it spreads.

It’s awesome to wear lamb’s wool-lined boots everyday.  It also cuts down on the need for pedicures. However, I crave a visit to the nail salon with the fire of a thousand white-hot suns each day I slide my feet into those boots.  It’s the screaming (mostly joyful, sometimes not, it still rattles the nerves).  I need to soak away the screaming.

I like quiet. A lot. I like to think, and I used to think complete thoughts.  Imagine each of my thoughts, these days, as a carton of eggs.  Three are missing. Sometimes four.  If you’ve asked me to do something, please remind me.

I have, by far, the biggest head circumference in my house. My husband and Atticus can share hats. I’m not sure if this means my husband has a pin head or Atticus inherited my melon.  Likely both. The main point is, my head is enormous.

I didn’t use my crock pot nearly enough when I was working outside the home.

I get lots of hugs per day, lots of ‘love yous”.  These remind me, when I’m striving, planning and submitting for paid work, that nothing else I do, nothing else I accomplish or set as a bar that I haven’t yet reached and so judge myself, that I’m not so far from where I need to be.  I’m about as smack dab in the middle, if I take the time to notice, as I had always hoped to be.


Posted by Duff

I can’t focus on any one topic for too long lately, so here is a smattering of what’s been on my mental post-its:

1. The Dervish has a pair of pajamas with a ‘cups of cocoa’ design. She calls them her ‘neti pot’ pajamas. Clearly, in her short time here, she has seen more than her share of sinus problems, via her parents.

2. The other night, it snowed – enough to cover the ground with grass poking through. Within 12 hours, our neighborhood of many children under six produced an impressive number of snowmen. A cold snap followed. If it weren’t for tomorrow’s weather forecast for a 50-degree day, I suspect those balls of ice would have withstood most of April.

3. I am addicted to my space heater. Despite being an expensive habit to maintain, my skin is officially sharp. That shouldn’t be.

4. While I get nervous about large purchases, I could easily spend $100 a day. Not on lattes or clothing or even lunch – but on practical things we use every day. Likely, a good portion of this is spend on lotion to hide my space heater habit.

5. I fantasize about getting a new camera because I can’t find the instructions to my old one and can’t change the flash setting.

6. How come I can’t tell my child’s face is dirty until she gets into her room at daycare? Yesterday I found a full oat on her face. Why does my home lighting hide oats?

7. There isn’t a 2.5T clothing size, right? There should be.

8. I’d like to propose we cool it on the holiday grab bags, please. There is no way I can choose a gift that is just as appealing to a 12 year old boy as it is to a woman in her 60s. I like to get gifts for people that they’ll like. Not that they’ll have to unload.

9. The only clothing I currently own that fits me properly is my socks.

10. A talking, mechanized Rudolph can be a bit much for a young child. When asked how she enjoyed the experience of meeting Rudolph, The Dervish said, “He was loud,” and changed the subject.