Posted by Fitzy

Every once in awhile, you come across a truly gorgeous piece of jewelry that makes you feel taller, more beautiful, more confident, and a darn good dresser.  Then you find out that local moms are responsible for actually handcrafting this jewelry, and you love it a little more.

This is an untraditional Momgenius post in that I’m recommending a product that is JUST for you, Moms.  It doesn’t clean anything up, it doesn’t store anything, it doesn’t make your life easier.  This jewelry makes you pretty.  And we don’t put that high enough on our priority list, do we?

transparentDesigns by Rali was founded by Rachel Leslie and Ali Hurwitz, Norwalk area moms with a passion for jewelry and an eye for beauty.  They started out creating fun and affordable jewelry for their friends, and have now expanded their business to home parties and boutiques.  They are on the brink of greatness, and it’s high time that you treated yourself to something gorgeous.

Go ahead, check them out.  You know you want to.